Top X tips that will improve your email marketing strategy

For businesses to grow, a good email marketing strategy is one of the most effective and affordable tool to reach& engage to the custumers. And most of them have a decent marketing strategy, but don’t take the full advantage of it, so all what they’re left of, is an average email campaign & don’t perform as well.

So even though email marketing campaigns are not equally created, there are ways to ensure that campaigns are primed to generate quality achievement.

1. Create a dedicated welcome email

If you decide to focus on email marketing, don’t just rely on the automated messages that the software of management provides, but try to create an automated series of emails that are v=custom for your subscriber. This kind of custom email series can help new subscribers learn more about what your business does and offers, and of course guides them on making a purchase. By all the emails the welcome one is the most important, because it allows to direct subscriber’s attention into your business just when they signed up, and this is when they’re most interested on what your business offers.

A very important task to mention is sending this welcome email, as soon as possible, because emails sent in real time see more interactions with new subscribers.

2. Try to avoid spam trigger words

Trying to write the subject lines for your email is one of the most stressful steps to a great email marketing strategy. This can affect your whole digital marketing strategy too, and as the best digital marketing agency in Dubai we can show you our secret, for your email to not end up in the spam section.
Some of the words you should avoid are the ones that include financial subjects like: “earn money”, “money making”, “save cash”, “ credit card offers”, but also some general subjects like: “remove” “success” , “ad”, “click below”.

3. Mobile responsive emails

Nowadays most of the emails are opened on mobile devices. And since mobile user are the majority of the audience, we need to make sure that our emails will load quickly also that are easy to read on phones and tablets. If not, there’s a risk that the user will delete the message because it’s frustrating to read. Focus that your web developers in Dubai also test the emails on different devices and create mobile friendly emails.

4. Segment your email list

Segmentation is the key if you want you want to send only relevant content to people.
What we as a digital marketing agency in Dubai can suggest for your business is dividing up your subscribers into lists, based on a specific criteria- custumer interests, location, history of purchase, etc.,- and then sending emails to them based on these traits.
This makes the campaigns personalized and appropriate for your subscribers, and this way they show interest on reading the email.

5. Prime time to send the email

As weird as it sounds this essential tip will help you with the open rates.
Even though many quality emails may be created during business hours, the best email strategy is to send them between 8:00 p.m. to midnight. The reason why is because this time is the least used, and this makes a key factor in helping those night sent emails perform better than the rest. When you send an email in this period of time, when few others do, you have a greater chance on getting noticed.

6. Emails on weekends

Just like the evening emails, sending email on weekends makes you stand out.
Again, the amount of email sent on the weekend days is lower and in email marketing these little stuff can help you more than in other type of marketing. What you can do here is also test and experiment with the intervals of time when you send the email, and understand on which day the opening rates are higher. For example if your opening rates are significally higher on Friday in the evening, try to send the most important ones that day.

7. Quality content

If you don’t send engaging and quality content to your users, it doesn’t matter if they open your email or not. They will probably not open any other one, or look for your website.
In order to achieve the opposite, your content should have a balance of visual appeal and interesting information, and only a little promotion. And remember it’s more about quality than quantity, so to not overload your future client with a ton of emails, or a full text, try to put on images too, to show them what you really can do.

Final thoughts

We as a digital marketing agency in Dubai don’t just have one solution or answer when it comes to email marketing.
This is an easy and very affordable way to promote your business, when you have the right strategy, and to create the perfect one, you need to experiment with different tactics and figure out what works best for your company. However, these tips can help you create an idea and inspiration on how to increase engagement and reach for new custumers faster.

Nita Ymeraga

Nita is a fifth year Medical student with a special interest on anesthesiology. Her other interests include art & design, modern technology and writing.