Top 10 web design trends in 2018

Web design has advanced so much in the last months, and we are looking forward to see what this year holds.

While 2017 was all about minimalistic design, 2018 now brings bold interfaces, radiant colors, and new potentials for users to interact with design.

Our web design team in Dubai is obsessed with the latest trends and technologies that are always in the process of evolving. That passion drives our design process, and provides the development of high quality sites. We want our clients to have the best service when it comes to their website.

Here’s a look at some of the web design trends, that are most likely to dominate this year.

1.Asymmetrical grids

Asymmetrical grids reached their peak popularity in 2017. Designers use them to create the text content and visuals into tenacious and balanced stories. With modification towards geometry ever increasing, our websites this year will feature mosaic & chaotic grids. Many of our website designs in Dubai will include images and parts of text organized into asymmetrical, yet mobile-friendly patterns.

2.Bright & bold color schemes

We already know how colors have tendency to affect our mood, impact our brain, behavior, and perception.

Coming up with color ideas is really hard, but this year we’ll about too see more experimental color schemes; with vibrant and bold colors often combined in a way that might seem horrible together, but work perfectly.

Our web design agency in Dubai has been using vibrant colors for a while, but this year even small companies are catching on.

3. Large & inventive typography

To some companies typography might not sound an interesting part of developing at all, and this kind of trend is new to them but not to us. Web development in Dubai, and specially our company has been in the lead when it comes to the topography and its style.

Modern topography has an ability to capture the attention of viewers, and subconsciously transport the mind into specific associations. This counteracts higher bounce rates, so typography now is getting bigger, bolder, and stronger.

But it’s not just the size of typography that will make an impact this year; a style transformation also will make a big difference. Artistic possibilities will now embrace the world of technology, by being creative and designing unique identity when it comes to fonts, helping to distinguish a website from another.

Worldwide companies now will pay large sums of money to web agencies to develop their own special fonts, just for their branding.

4. Subtle animations

You can always grab the user’s attention by using animations, but sometimes they have the tendency to get annoying and bothering.

Our web design agency in Dubai this year is providing a different vibe from other websites, moving into a realm of subtle animations that don’t compromise in the other hand, the overall performance of the website.

5. Diagonal section breaks

The horizontal menu still holds a good application, but designers now are not afraid to go on the creative side, that’s laid in unique and untraditional way. Diagonal sections are one of them, it looks more stylish and out of the box. By separating sections this way, it helps adding visual interest, and it’s different from other website who use the same horizontal break.

6. Split screen design on desktop

Split screen design are no new arrival trend to our web design agency in Dubai, but this year we look forward to more split screen designs with contrasting colors and a subtle distribution of components that give the impression they still exist somewhere beyond the monitor.

7. Visual story-telling

Designers are always exploring new ways to deliver content in unique ways to their viewers, and one of them is by visual storytelling on the web. This trend focuses on being more interactive by using animations, videos, and emotions, which keep the audience concentrated and engaged.
A beautiful way to show the stories is making different paragraphs that disappear then appear again, along with the changing background video.

One good example our team at Emirates Graphic uses, is by illustrating parts of the stories by using maps or other graphics, which our readers bump into by scrolling down the page.
With these kinds of techniques storytelling is getting more essential and by adding video it has an impact on making the website more interactive.

8. Micro interactions

Last year, we started seeing this highly addictive trend, and its future is certainly promising.

So what are micro-interactions?

They are pleasurable moments or forgettable ones, they are options for action that allow users to interact with a software and have some fun by only small gestures.

In fact, we engage with them every day; when we set an alarm, pick up a password, write a comment, change the settings, even when we deal with user errors.

9. Personalization

Personalization has grown so much lately, because it gives the individualism to a website visitor, it guides them and it suits their unique needs.

In everyday life users are loaded with unnecessary information and options. By emerging this trend we reduce the amount of information that our users don’t need, and focus on only what they’re interested on.

A good example of the benefit that personalization gives, is Netflix. When you log in into your personal account, you can see the categories that they recommend. Netflix predicts based on your previous history, what kind of shows you like to watch.

10. Flat design

Flat design is one of the most influential trend in web designs in Dubai. It is a popular style of interface which delivers minimalism and usability, defined by the absence of 3D effects in the graphic part of a website.

Developers started creating simple websites to make sure users get a greater mobile performance. Websites that take time to load, frustrate the mobile users.

So now, clean designs that load quickly are desirable for the users, and simple images make it easy to understand the message.


In terms of technology and creative web designs, 2018 is inclined to be an exciting year. These new trends most likely will emerge in more and more websites: seeing more bold & bright color schemes, asymmetrical grids, micro-interactions, and so on. Some of this trends already gained some popularity in the last months and will now grow bigger throughout 2018.

Nita Ymeraga

Nita is a fifth year Medical student with a special interest on anesthesiology. Her other interests include art & design, modern technology and writing.