Web redesign advantages for your company

When it’s been years since a website hasn’t been updated, maybe it’s time to consider redesigning it, and there are a lot of reasons behind it. Having a poor performance, users can give negative feedbacks, and you can’t generate new businesses from your current web.
Our web design company in Dubai has a lot of experience on website redesigning. So sharing the process and our experience, we can answer a lot of your questions and doubts. Here are some of the advantages for your company if you decide on redesigning.

1.Improve the SEO

SEO( Search Engine Optimization), is all about ranking higher on what people search. You have to make sure that your website is found somewhere on the searching. When your website is visible, more traffic comes across, and it’s more possible to contact and engage with potential clients, and by that more business to generate.
Redesigning your website gives an opportunity to update new things, and get rid of the outdated code, and this can help you a lot on your SEO.

2. Improved UI

We’ve been through websites that are just a mess, without order, & with no style. And this is a bad impression to your users, because they don’t take you as a serious company. Trying to create an attractive web design in Dubai is a challenge, because a lot of companies don’t understand the importance of a pleasant web, how it represents their business, and how much it helps on gaining new clients.
So it’s essential when companies grow, their goals go higher, and a old website with an old vision it reflects poorly on the business. That’s when redesigning must come in mind, and a new website with a fresh update is the best choice.

3. Improved UX

A new website design in Dubai with a good artistic quality really improves the company appearance, but it’s all worthless is the website isn’t user friendly. And that’s why UX( User Experience) has a significant role, which is part of both front-end and back-end development.
So redesigning your website is a good opportunity to improve the way that your users engage with you, and the perfect way to do so is by focusing on the basic functionality & removing complicated visual parts that do nothing but confuse the user.
Also, helping your users and showing exactly where to click, the way to contact you, how to make an order and purchase, you make your company one step ahead from your competitors.

5. Creating a responsive website

If you want to succeed with a web design in Dubai you must not avoid creating a responsive website.
Nowadays nobody wants a website that just doesn’t work on mobiles, it’s frustrating to use so they look for a better performing website.
Your website must look great on every single device( phone, tablets, laptops, desktop monitor), and this can result in satisfied users, a good reputation for your company, and your sales can increase. Also you have to make sure that the web design agency in Dubai you hire, has the experience on responsive website, because now Google is penalizing websites that aren’t mobile friendly, and this means that your website wont appear in search results.

6. Bonus: How Emirates Graphic makes it easier for you to update and manage?

Well, it’s not just about designing and developing websites, it’s also about updates and management, and a lot of business owners hire web developers just to make minor changes.
However, our team at Emirates Graphic provides not only the best web design in Dubai, but also the easiest way to manage & update your web. We created the perfect CMS (Content Management System), that allows business owners to manage their website by their own, even if they don’t have any technical knowledge. It’s that easy that we compare it like adding a picture on Facebook.


Redesigning your website it’s not just only to make your site look different, it is more like a way to solve your business issues & to make it grow. Your web is the first line of contact for your potential clients, so giving them the perfect impression is essential. This marketing tool delivers fast results to a successful company so it’s so much worth the money to invest on.

Nita Ymeraga

Nita is a fifth year Medical student with a special interest on anesthesiology. Her other interests include art & design, modern technology and writing.