Our Work

We are proud of our past projects because they made us what we are now. Throughout our history we have worked with many companies and we value all our clients immensely. Below, we have selected an assortment of projects that show our range and ability as an agency and will give our potential clients and visitors and idea of what to expect when working with Emirates Graphic. We hope you enjoy the gallery.


The French company Ysitcom reached out to us to help them with a great new product that they created. The dual core security device has amazing potential but was difficult to understand based on existing marketing material.


Blackstone is a premium real estate agency dealing primarily in commercial units. The company has hundreds of properties under its name.


SWISSCANONICA is a Swiss multinational working primarily in the catering sector. However, the brand also has a rich history of chocolate crafting as well as modern kitchen facilities for rent.


We were asked to develop a brand identity and online presence for a new staffing company that aims to treat its employees well and give them opportunities in life. The company aims to be a top event staffing solution in the region.


Probus is a leader in the engineering and maintenance of oil and gas projects in the Arabian Gulf. The company has made a name for itself as a pioneer in safety and responsiveness.

Yed Dubai

Young Entrepreneur Dubai (YED) is a business council that is making its debut in the beginning of 2018. It provides the brilliant leaders of the future with an online platform for networking as well as frequent themed events and gatherings.


Eastlift is an agricultural solutions company. They trade and distribute agricultural products, machines, and grain, and give logistical solutions to other parties.